The professional and activist uses her connections in the community to help animals

I was raised by a remarkable mother who taught me to think about those other than myself and she led by example.  She always carried extra change with her just in case she would see someone who needed help when we went shopping in Detroit in the 1950’s.  She would frequently bring less fortunate folks home for dinner some she knew and some were strangers.  She didn’t have much herself but always was willing to share. I believe she was my Mother Theresa.  Over the years, I have developed a passion for all kinds of animals from farm and shelter to endangered species.  At home in San Pedro, where I have lived for 13 years, it has become my life’s mission to work with grass roots organizations to help abused and abandoned animals. They take a great deal of my heart.  I have always felt personally rewarded by sharing information with family, friends and the community.  I believe that everything in life matters…every human…every animal, rock, flower, etc.  It is all part of the same thread of life that flows through our universe.  If each of us would do just a little thing to help, the lives of so many animals and humans could be changed for the better.