Community Outreach

I am very proud of my business accomplishments but nothing fills my heart more than my philanthropic work. It truly enhances everything I do each and every day.

In the 1970’s, I was a volunteer with The Hunger Project, a global movement with a vision and commitment to end hunger by organizing the necessary learning, teaching and education. I visited and gave talks at local colleges and universities on the subject of ending world hunger and poverty. The experience gave me the first taste of how it feels to “make a difference in the world”.

When I co-founded The American Child Foundation in the 1980’s, utilizing photography as a tool to provide underprivileged children with an appreciation for, and knowledge about, the photographic arts. I realized how very important it was to start early with our greatest resource the precious children of our planet.

I initiated the Adopt-A-Library program in the 1990’s, donating a collection of books and publications to local libraries, which provided a flow of information and raised public awareness about the Community Associations Industry.   This experience enriched my life and I developed my love of sharing information.

the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan and I enjoying the final filming of the Dog Whisperer show with our rescue dog named “Nicki”. His story was featured on the show titled “A Prayer for Nicki”, Season 1, Episode 21.


More Solomon

I rescued Osito “Little Bear” a 7-year old Wheaton Terrier from a life threatening situation in 2010 and gave him a forever home living with me. I love the training work my dog trainer Lisa Parris has done with my current dog, a gentle giant named Solomon, an 8-year old Rottweiler. He is a wonderful ambassador for his breed. Solomon my third Rottweiler came to live with me as a puppy at 8 weeks old in 2008. He makes a difference with everyone he meets and everywhere he goes with his beauty, charisma and kind demeanor. He is a trained Service Dog. He appeared on the CBS “60 Minutes Sunday Morning” television show with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan in 2010. To learn more click on the image to the right. Check him out on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube. My first Rottweiler, Caesar came to live with me in 1995. Caesar was a trained Therapy dog and he passed away in 2003.

I am very fortunate to have discovered through these many enriching experiences that my life’s mission is to serve the less fortunate and vulnerable of our great planet.

I feel impassioned working with local grass roots animal rescue groups. I personally feel rewarded when I rescue an animal and find it a forever home. Nicki, my 4-year old Rottweiler was rescued from the mean streets of Los Angeles skid row under the 4th Street Bridge by a rescue organization Downtown Dog Rescue in 2003. Shortly after his rescue, I stepped in and gave him his forever home. Nicki’s story was featured on the Dog Whisperer show titled “A Prayer for Nicki”, Season 1, Episode 21 in 2004 and his episode is featured on this page.

60 Minutes Sunday Morning

Solomon appeared on the CBS “60 Minutes Sunday Morning” television show with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan in 2010.