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January 17, 2016

Our long-time friend, Peter Burmeister

Pictured are Tika, Chihuahua, long-time canine girlfriend of Solomon, Kathleen Daniels, Peter Burmeister, International Schutzhund and Police Canine Trainer for Law Enforcement.
April 26, 2015

Wheaton Terrier named Osito (Little Bear)

Osito was taken from his canine mom at 3 weeks old and was going to be abandoned in the forest when one of my family members rescued him and then gave him to me to raise.
August 3, 2004

Kathleen and the Dog Whisperer

Pictured are Donald Daniels, son, Nicki, 8-year old rescued Rottweiler who belongs to Kathleen, Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer, Lobo, dog featured on the Dog Whisperer.