Our Hall of Fame Award.  This magnificent lady has been with our organization for approximately 5 years now.  Although she has always been an outside contracting service, she has acted as our ambassador to not only the Millans in every professionally possible way, but given us her full time and authentic concern for the well being of everyone around her within our organization.  She has also nurtured the personal and professional growth of our team.  She has supported our vision, passion and business decision with care and encouragement, never indulging in the power of her position.  She has and continues to be a wonderful asset and talent to our team by always displaying and sharing her positive outlook In every situation.  We are truly thankful for having her as our lotus flower within our empire because she has truly stood in with eloquent beauty and gracefulness when things looked muddy and swampy as a true lotus flower does.  She has shown us resilience and the true power of positive thinking and visualization with all things that have come our way both exciting and challenging.  We are awarding Ms. Kathleen Daniels with our Hall of Fame Award for conveying and implementing her talents so that our organization can be a better place to work for all of us.

Cesar & Ilusion Millan, Millan Foundation